Christ Centered Therapy


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1. Values And Worldview Clarification
2. Reclaiming A Biblical Psychology
3. Diverse Strategies In Christian Counseling
4. The Integration Of Theology And Psychology
5. God, Client, And Therapist In Christian Counseling
6. A Biblical Strategy For Christian Counseling
7. Practitioner And Client Assessment
8. Resolving Root Issues In The Marketplace
9. Counseling Assistance Tool Kit
10. Professional Christian Therapy And The Church Community
11. Professional Accountability Relationships With Authority

432 Pages

Additional Info
Christ-Centered Therapy by Dr. Neil Anderson and co-authors Dr. Terry E. and Julianne S. Zuehlke is a first-of-its-kind text that attempts and successfully accomplishes a full integration of psychology and theology with the goal of endorsing a biblical psychology that can guide Christ-centered counseling for Christian professionals and counselors. In order to put Christ back into counseling and therapy, a practical theologian, Anderson, and two practicing psychologists, the Zuehlkes, have with this book bridged the gap between theology and psychology by integrating the two disciplines, their methodologies, and their values clarifications. In today’s counseling environment, Christian counselors are for the most part not doing Christian counseling. They are counseling from a Christian perspective but have not integrated the truth of Christianity and the practices of psychological counseling. They are Christian counselors or licensed counselors but not both. In order to fully practice counseling based on the freedoms in Christ, values and world view clarification have to take place up front, based on a Christian world view, along with the integration of counseling methodology and understanding of personal and spiritual conflicts. This is the basis of the book, equipping the professional Christian counselor to offer a bridge from the world to the church. The book is meant as a textbook and resource for professionals and care-givers, something that can equip counselors, pastors, and key lay people in their work with those who come to them for counseling. The goal is to get Christ back into the therapy and make Christ-centered therapy the goal of Christian counselors. The book’s primary use is for educational Christian counseling and pastoral care programs, continuing education for professional counselors, and lay counselor training, but it is written in popular language.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780310231134
Neil Anderson | Terry Zuehlke | Julianne Zuehlke
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2000
Publisher: Zondervan


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