Conversation With Jonathan Edwards


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2. Edwards The Man
3. Edwards On Knowledge
4. Edwards On Scripture
5. Edwards On God
6. Edwards On Angels
7. Edwards On Man
8. Edwards On Soteriology
9. Edwards On The Church
10. Edwards On The Family
11. Edwards On Eschatology
12. Edwards On Heaven And Hell


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Jonathan Edwards continues to capture the interest of many as one of America’s greatest theologians. However, the very thought of reading the works of such an intellectual giant can be intimidating. In this book, W. Gary Crampton renders a clear and concise introduction to the thought of Jonathan Edwards in an enjoyable conversational format. By posing questions and crafting answers from selected quotations, Crampton provides a comfortable atmosphere for surveying the life and thought of Edwards. This dialogue makes an excellent resource for those looking for a brief and accessible guide on Edwards.

The Christian faith, by its very nature and all-encompassing design, generates numerous questions. For example, Does God love everyone? If so, in what way does He love the believer differently than the unbeliever? If God decrees all things, does that render meaningless the warnings of Scripture? How does a sinner come to a saving knowledge of God through Jesus Christ? What should we advise weak believers who are seeking full assurance of faith? What does profession of faith in the church entail? What is the essence of heaven and of hell? In this book, Dr. Crampton allows us to sit at the feet of America’s greatest theologian, Jonathan Edwards, to hear his answers to these and hundreds more of life’s most important theological questions. A Conversation with Jonathan Edwards is a delight to read, and will benefit both the beginning and advanced reader of Edwards.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781892777768
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2006
Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books

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