Crippling Comforts: Comfort Zones Unveiled (Released 11/06/21)


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Who would have thought that basking in the beauty of comfort would be the catalyst to destroy all of your dreams. Many people look forward to and long for the pleasure of sitting back and doing nothing, but this hazardous behavior has proven to be more than what many have bargained for. The decision to sit back and do nothing actually reduces you to the level of mediocrity and plummets you into an existence of wasting away.
However, the worst part of opting to live in a zone of comfort is that the discomfort one endures can be in the form of humiliation or abuse. This behavior is accepted because many shrink away from anything unfamiliar. The cloak of familiarity, whether it’s pleasant or not, causes many to accept it, thereby crippling them in ways that retard their growth in every area.
CRIPPLING COMFORTS is a lifestyle of mediocrity that many women of various ages have chosen to settle for instead of reaching and striving for the prize of excellence, success and self esteem. Author Sherryl Jones, aka SJBOSS, becomes transparent and shares the relatable experiences in her life that preceded her drift into the world of mediocracy.
Crippling Comforts is written to the woman that is running away from all things unfamiliar or new. The newly divorced, the housewife, the newly retired, the new senior citizens or the newly singled…they have chosen to lock themselves away from the uncertainty of change.
Sherryl reveals how she allowed herself to become comfortable with a lifestyle that trapped her and her children in a world of limbo that they are just now breaking free from. She breaks down the unhealthy dependence of being comfortable as the anchor and how it can destroy one’s desire to persevere and strive. She also provides tips and suggestions about how to escape from the ‘zone’.
And finally she explores the need and necessity of wanting to be comfortable.

  • Who wants it,
  • Who needs it,
  • Is it necessary
  • And if so for how long?
  • What can you gain from being comfortable?
  • What can you lose from it?
  • How can you break free from?

This book is full of motivating and eye-opening content that will enrich and empower women of all ages to break free from invisible chains disguised as contentment and relaxation but are meant to suppress and rob you of your desire to become all that you can be.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781737620105
Sherryl Jones
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2021

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