Discerning And Destroying The Works Of Satan


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Deliverance. Exorcism. Casting out demons. These are often controversial subjects among Christ-followers, when in fact, they were regular parts of Jesus’ earthly ministry. If we want to truly follow Jesus and experience the fullness of His Kingdom power, we need to be ready to confront the powers of darkness… victoriously!

Unfortunately, many Christians regularly deal with demonic torment and oppression. In this book, Kathy DeGraw presents a powerful blueprint for victory in this easy-to-follow and relational approach to spiritual warfare. You will receive freedom in Christ and then discover how to use your Kingdom authority to deliver others from the bonds of darkness!

You will discover how to:
*Operate prophetic discernment and recognize key signs of demonic torment.
*Recognize manifestations of darkness such as generational curses, offense, bitterness, woundedness, fear and unforgiveness.
*Identify groups of demons: usually when one is cast out, it stirs other spirits harassing the individual.
*Maintain your deliverance: learn how to walk in sustained freedom, rather than falling back into cycles of bondage and torment.
*Protect your soul-the realm that demons specifically target.
*Lead yourself and others to freedom through a powerful action-plan of deliverance.

Watch every area of your life-and the lives of others-supernaturally transformed by the total freedom you received in Christ!

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SKU (ISBN): 9780768443448
Kathy DeGraw
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Publisher: Destiny Image



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