Exposing The Dangers Of Martial Arts


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Follow former five-time USA National Karate Champion, Dr. Vito Rallo, as he takes you behind the veil of the martial arts rituals and reveals the closely guarded secret known only to the masters about the real power-source of the arts! Trained by the best Japanese instructors dispatched to America in the mid-60s, Vito Rallo rose to be among the best of the best in the world of martial arts. He owned and operated his own dojos (schools). He taught karate in universities, mentored scores of other karate instructors and professional athletes, coached corporate business executives, and trained law enforcement agencies in martial arts skills. A Born-Again Christian for many years now, former expert sensei, Vito Rallo steps out of the darkness of dimly-lit dojos, colored belts, gis, and barefooted martial arts devotees to expose the hidden demonic spiritual dangers of martial arts and yoga. The former karate master explains why a sprained ankle, loose tooth, bodily bruise, or bruised ego are the least of concerns for martial arts practitioners! THE FACT IS: WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW AND CAN’T SEE CAN HURT YOU! Among the truths Vito Rallo uncovers in this easy to read and understand book are: The true origins of the martial arts. The clear and proven connection between yoga and the martial arts, and their occult-entangled roots. The hidden demonic forces behind these Eastern religion-based arts that empower the more advanced practitioners with near supernatural abilities. The history of the introduction of the martial arts and the intertwined practice of yoga in the West following WWII through returning indoctrinated soldiers. The promotion and glorification of these ancient fighting arts by Hollywood and television programmers as it came of age. The spiritual devastation martial arts and yoga wreak in the lives of individuals, Christians, and Christian churches. The many reasons why martial arts and yoga are in no way compatible with genuine Biblical Christianity. Biblical advice to current practitioners and those considering becoming involved. Author Vito Rallo writes with satire and seriousness in presenting knowledge and understanding on the topic of this volume gained from over three decades of experience as an advanced level karate instructor and competitor. No longer involved in the martial arts, he shares his inspiring story of a radically changed life through faith in Christ with audiences across America. Originally from St. Louis, MO, Vito and his wife, Pat

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SKU (ISBN): 9781887915205
Vito Rallo
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2016
Publisher: Real Truth Publications

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