God Of The Possible (Reprinted)


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1. The Classical View Of Divine Foreknowledge
2. The God Who Faces A Partially Open Future
3. What Difference Does It Make?
4. Questions And Objections
176 Pages

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Perhaps no theological topic is more hotly debated within evangelical Christianity these days than God’s foreknowledge. Is the future exhaustively settled, or does it include possibilities (maybes)? In encountering such questions, a growing number of evangelicals are becoming dissatisfied with the classical view of foreknowledge and have accepted an alternative, open view of God. In God of the Possible theologian Greg Boyd offers an accessible introduction to the freewill theism position.

Boyd begins by laying out and critiquing the motif of future determinism, which forms the basis of the classical view of foreknowledge. He goes on to explicate several scripture passages that depict the future as partially open and that God therefore knows it as such. He then discusses some practical areas in which he thinks the open view can make a positive difference. Finally, Boyd addresses the most frequently asked questions and typical objections raised against the open view. An appendix explores other passages supporting the open view of God and the future.

Exploring issues of foreknowledge, freedom, and the future, Boyd presents biblical, theological, and philosophical insights into the openness issue in this introductory, yet provocative, book. While geared particularly for a lay readership, more advanced students of theology will also benefit from his presentation.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780801062902
Gregory Boyd
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2000
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group



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