Inclusive God : Reclaiming Theology For An Inclusive Church


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Too often, Christian churches’ recent debates and traumas are presented as battles between traditional upholders of Christian truth on the one hand, and trendy liberals on the other. The Inclusive God breaks throughthese stereotypes. It shows how and why the move to make the church more inclusive – of women, gays, people of different races and cultures – is rooted in the mainstream of Christian belief. Including people of all kinds in the full life of the Church is not ‘trendy’ but the authentic expression of Christian truth.

Written in accessible and punchy prose, this book shows how the main doctrines of the Church reflect an open and hospitable Christian vision. Including gays and women in the full life of the Church is not some trendy innovation: it’s just good old-fashioned Christian ethics: loving others as we love ourselves.

Somehow the modern Church has lost touch with this basic Christian wisdom. Too often the Churches look like agents of hatred and exclusion, actively encouraging discrimination and condemnation of others. Many in the secular world look on appalled at the discrimination within the Church and the uncharitable pronouncements of Church leaders. The challenge now is to recover the loving, positive and inclusive Christian ideals that inspired Jesus and the first Christians.

Refreshingly direct and provocative, this book is not only a wake-up call to the churches. It is also a challenge to those outside their walls, to lay aside their preconceptions. True Christianity, it argues, is at the cutting edge of inclusion, justice and freedom.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781853117411
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2006
Publisher: Canterbury Press Norwich

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