Parents Arise Grandparents Arise 1


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The authors uncover the lie now propagated in the minds of parents, grandparents, and concerned adults: the LIE is that our youth are not in danger.

A high school graduate answers a newspaper ad for a job…
A boy accepts an invitation from a customer who frequents the convenience store where he works…
Parents ask a neighbor to give their daughter a ride to a birthday party…

All three of these events lead to TRAGEDY for the young person involved.

Learn from two people who have seen treachery first hand and its effects.

Pastor Al Erickson with Patricia Malloy reveal the often hidden treachery that awaits our children in a world that is becoming increasingly dangerous.

The authors uncover what we don’t want to face, but God has powerful gifts for those willing to do so. The Lie now propagated in society and in the minds of parents, grandparents and concerned adults is challenged. That lie is:

The youth of our nation are not in danger. No one is really after them. If there is jeopardy out there, they will easily avoid it. We don’t have to be concerned, for they will make it to adulthood in fine shape. My influence as a parent, whatever that is, is all they really need – along with some other fine folks at my church and school. I will not have to live with any dire consequences and neither will they. (A lie!)

Along with the awareness of what awaits our kids, there are clear pictures of what a great calling God has given every parent and grandparent-roles of Prophet, Priest, and King as we are called to fulfill with God’s help.

This disturbing, revealing, eye-opening and faith-building book has its strong Biblical foundations; it shows us why we need to assume the important role of Protector for precious young ones. Hope will be encouraged and desire to take action will be realized as Book II reveals solutions and tools that can make a real difference.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781880292396
Al Erickson | Patricia Malloy
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2011
Publisher: LangMarc Publishing

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