When We Have Failed What Next


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We all have failed.

All have sinned, says the Bible, leaving no one exempt.

Yet we cringe at the very thought of our own failure-especially a big one. We try to cover it up and hide it from the world-particularly from those closest to us. But we cannot hide it from ourselves and inevitably, along with the actual failure comes the awful sting of regret, disappointment and feelings of worthlessness.
As our world, whether publicly or privately, crumbles around us, we then face the next question: What next?

We wonder how there can be a next, because we feel that our life is over or that we are destined to remain in our same rut of failure forever.

But author K.P. Yohannan boldly declares that nothing could be further from the truth!
In When We Have Failed-What Next?, the president of Gospel for Asia graciously takes us on a journey from our darkest failure toward a bright and hopeful future. He again and again depicts God’s unfailing love for us and His marvelous ability to bring out His very best for our lives, especially in the midst of our failure.

In a key passage from a book filled with profound thoughts, Dr. Yohannan declares:
It’s not the size of our sin that determines whether or not we recover from a fall. It’s our response. How we deal with our failure determines our future.

Citing numerous real-life examples, this little booklet reminds those in the midst of the battle that God desires to make your life into something beautiful and bring about His purposes through your failure.

This is a book that makes no compromise with sin, but that encourages all of us to believe in God’s grace-and in His purpose for our lives-and to look up, for the best is truly yet to come.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781595890351
K.P. Yohannan
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2009
Publisher: GFA Books


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