Who Am I To Believe


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Henry Jacobs was born in Feasterville, Pennsylvania, in 1928, and was “born again” under the ministry of a non-denominational church at the age of eleven. His fundamentalist Christian upbringing was replete with a critical view of denominations in general and Catholicism in particular. However, world travels and association with stalwart Christians from a variety of evangelical denominations, each with strong Bible-based convictions that differed from his own, convinced him that such an out-of-hand rejection of those of a different persuasion was unwarranted. More importantly, the truth that God speaks to individuals differently from the same verse or portion of Scripture became apparent to him, i.e., there can be more than one correct translation, interpretation, understanding, or application of many portions of scripture, each suited to the individual’s or group’s culture and need. This, in fact, is the thesis for the book. This book was written to provoke readers to self-examination of the biblical basis and source of their personal faith and doctrine. It challenges them to ascertain whether they are merely parroting what they have been taught or heard, or whether the truths of the Bible are theirs because God has spoken to them directly and personally from His Word. The author’s perspective on the evolution of the Church, and particularly the role of the Catholic Church, will surely raise eyebrows and arguments; however, the parallel drawn between the evolution of the church and the individual’s path to spiritual maturity is noteworthy. Just as in his earlier book, The Ultimate Why, this principle of individualism, engendered by a continually increasing personal relationship with God in Christ, is the cornerstone for Who Am I to Believe? and transcends its seeming grammatically incorrect title. The book’s provocation of individual thought and commitment, as well as its many cited scriptures that are interpreted differently, make it ideal for group study and discussion. Indeed, the six internal commentaries on the text are good discussion material.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781591606161
ISBN10: 1591606160
Henry Jacobs
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: February 2004
Publisher: Xulon Press

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