Victorious Student

Victorious Student 


Are you getting good grades in school?  That’s great news for you! Starting in September 2019, here at Victorious Student we are giving you discounts for doing very well in school.


To qualify you have to meet one of the following criteria:


If you have improved your letter grade from your last semester, you will get 5% off any two items $30 or less.


If you made the Honor Roll, you will get 10% off any two items $30 or less. 


If you have all A’s, you will get 15% off any two items $30 or less.


If you are an Victorious Student, send us over documentation of a report card, a screenshot, or any proof of your grade. It doesn’t matter if you are in elementary school, middle school, high school or college, or even if you are home schooled. We will reward you for your success!


This discount is only good one time per semester. Once we receive proof of your good grades, it will be filed confidentially so that we can have it in our system. 


Let us know if you are an Victorious Student! 


*This discount is only good for regular priced items.*